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Did You Know...

Partnering With An Experienced Real Estate Coordinator can reduce your workload, lower stress, and Double your Pipeline.

It's Time For You To Learn The Power Of Leverage And Grow Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level.

Let's Get Started...

How Can We Be Of Service?

Listing Launch Services

Our Listing Launch Services provide comprehensive support to ensure your property listings are professionally prepared and compliant. We handle MLS input, craft compelling listing remarks, set up ShowingTime, and draft necessary office disclosures to streamline the pre-marketing phase.


Our Transaction Coordinator Services streamline your real estate transactions from start to finish. We track and manage all the paperwork, deadlines, and communication, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing process. Focus on your clients while we take care of the details.

Business Needs Analysis

Book a free 30-minute business needs analysis with us to explore how we can streamline your back-end operations.  Share your current challenges, and we'll discuss tailored solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Schedule your session today and take the first step towards streamlined success!

The HometownTC Advantage

Lets get real 

about your real estate career.

When you first became an agent, you likely imagined a life of closing deals, making money, and family vacations around the world.

  • Do you spend countless hours chasing signatures instead of sales?

  • Is your dream of becoming the Top Realtor in your city just out of reach? 


You’re NOT alone in this! Your goals are our goals!

Did you know the average agent invest at least 15 hours per transaction on paperwork alone?   

The missing element to your advantage as an agent isn’t more hours in a day, it’s a strategic partnership with a local, experienced transaction coordinator who has your back.


Are you ready to accelerate your success as an agent?

Letting someone else handle the stress sounds like a no-brainer to us. What about you?

It’s time to let go of the age-old excuse that success means more stress!

Face it, your life as a Realtor®️ shouldn’t involve the stop-and-go, fast or slow hustle.

We streamline your sales with unrivaled organization and dedication.

Land, commercial, residential? No problem!

Whichever you represent, we’re there alongside you every step of the way!



It is scary to think of letting go, but it is essential in order for you to grow your business. You will love the level of service we bring to the table.


A great deal of your time is spent researching and presenting homes for your customers and negotiating on their behalf.


With the average real estate agent spending nearly 15 hours processing a contract to close instead of generating more deals...


What many professionals have found is that investing those 15 hours towards the generating and conversion of another happy homeowner is a better use of their time. 


Our job is to eliminate the administrative work for you, so you can market your business effectively without worrying about the details.


Our coordinators have decades of experience and will work on your behalf to make sure every transaction proceeds smoothly.


We are a team of professionals who care about your success and know the more you are out in the field driving new business, the more files we will handle for you. 


You can be assured that your real estate business needs will be attended to and are in good hands.


With over 27 years experience in real estate transactions. Keeping our word and safeguarding the interests of all parties have defined our real estate career.


With a high standard of integrity and perseverance, we overcome all challenges from pre-marketing to post-close.


Our strong knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures involved in real estate transactions enables us to provide constructive feedback regarding listings and purchase transactions.


Possessing a strong work ethic and excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. These qualities are influential and felt throughout the transaction, enhancing our relationships with agents and vendors alike.


We take new tasks and challenges head-on.


We continuously research, collaborate with others, and develop new systems to ensure we represent your business and/or brokerage with the highest standards.

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371 Sunfish Drive, Winter Haven, FL 33881

office (954) 377-8330

fax (954) 377-8331

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michelle martinez


Michelle Martinez is a savvy, 21st-century businesswoman who has been immersed in the Florida Real Estate industry since 1995.


Michelle is hardwired for excellence with a genetic predisposition for passionate engagement: taking great pride in being an informational resource to her customers.


Michelle has built her business based on long-term relationships, not individual transactions. With a vast knowledge base covering luxury real estate, mortgages, property taxes, valuation, and REO.

our promise

Expect Exceptional Service: Predictable. Transparent. Collaborative.

Hometown Transaction Coordinators, delivers!

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