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Common Questions | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about working with virtual support services.

What is a

Virtual Coordinator?

A virtual coordinator is a professional that can provide specialized support from a remote location, such as home office or co-working space.  They are tasked to successfully  work with all relevant role players to bring together resources, information and five star customer service for the benefit of their client. 

What is the benefit of Having a Transaction Coordinator?

Many hands make light work and the transaction coordinator will own 97 of 100 tasks throughout the closing process so that you can focus on closing more deals. 

How many files

can you handle?

High volume is no problem for our experienced team of professional coordinators. To guarantee quality, each coordinator is limited to twenty working partnerships.  

Social Media, do you handle that?

We do.  Our exclusive program  is two steps above incredible. With in-studio recording time and seven-day management of three profiles. We will help you educate, entertain and engage your audience. Click here to learn  more.

Will I have more than one Coordinator helping me?

As a member of our tribe you will have an assigned coordinator to your account. However, just like the rest of the world, life happens, the team member can fall ill, find joy in a  new venture or go on vacation. When this happens we do not miss a beat we either bring in back-up during illness or vacation. If a life altering event, then we would reassign to another member of our team.

What if I am unhappy with my assigned Coordinator?

Though we do our best to match you with a member of our team that would fit your needs, it is possible that we can miss the mark and would love the opportunity to learn from the experience and make it right. If this happens, contact our client success team to discuss further. 

How long is the on-boarding process?

Onboarding with the Team is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1️⃣ Account Registration

2️⃣ Sign Service Agreement.

3️⃣ Watch the Win Series and we're all set to receive your first order. 

What can a Virtual Coordinator do?

An experienced virtual coordinator provides the same type of support as an administrative assistant, executive assistant or other office personnel, but they’re not physically located in your office and in our company they are niched to specialties such as: listing coordinator, transaction coordinator, marketing coordinator, and social media coordinator to list a few. 

Do you handle all types of Real Estate?

Yes! We manage: residential, luxury, probate, REO, short-sale, commercial: industrital, big-box, hotel, apartments, land, business sales, wholesale, fix and hold, rentals/leases, et al.

What is a Listing Coordinator?

Our listing coordinators own the task list from signed listing agreement to pending on the marketing on the MLS.  They will assist our Agent Partners with coordinating vendors, inputting the property on the MLS, getting association documents together and completing compliance requirements for your office to name a few.  

How can you help me grow my business?

We help you leverage the precious resource of time. This commodity once wasted never returns and your time is best spent on the big 5 income producing activities: role playing, prospecting, lead nurturing, showing homes and negotiating contracts. Let us handle the rest.  

Do you prepare

offers or listings? 

Yes, we do! You can sign up for our All Docs subscription. The  document drafting subscription  is $195 per month for unlimited document drafting (during business hours).  Click here to learn more

Are there any specific tasks my Coordinator cannot do?

We operate under the state unlicensed assistant guidelines.  Therefore we only can do permissible activities as outlined by the regulatory board fo your state. 

Do you speak other languages?

When are the

Virtual Coordinator available to me ?

Our virtual coordinators work conventional business hours: 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Are out to lunch daily from 1-2 PM and are off weekends and all federal hoildays.  

Do you work with all brokerages?

Yes! We work with Realtor®️ in boutique firms, as well as, national franchises. As long as your broker approves for an independent coordinator to be on your side. Then everything else is all right. 

What is a Social Media Coordinator?

Our social media coordinators collaborate with the creative director on developing and executing social media campaigns in excellence. 

Do I need to

sign a contract?

​In short. Yes! We operate based on three principles: transparency, collaboration, and predictability. 

Transparency is a top priority and defining who owns what is key to a productive partnership.


​Whether you want a no-commitment program or a full commitment program, we've got you covered. No matter what option you choose you will have the security and peace of mind of having a professionally trained coordinator in your corner. 


​Providing our customers with the power of choice is our definition of freedom and what we strive for daily. 

How do you get paid?

We accept all major credit cards, easy-peasy!

** If permissible by your broker, we also accept being paid through the CDA.

How do I get started?

Start by learning more about us HERE where in this short presentation we go in-depth on our programs, packages and pricing.  

🔐 if you skip to the end  you will get the link to schedule a one-to-one zoom with Michelle. 

Do you provide

Leads or Referrals?

We are working swiftly in the background to bring to the marketplace HTC Connect which is an exclusive referral program for our OneTribe members. Learn more by calling our Client Success Team  (954) 377-8330.

What is a Transaction Coordinator? 

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) owns all the administrative duties involved in closing a real estate sale and intentionally monitors the process to mitigate risks and ensure compliance. 

Do you know my broker system?

From email submission to  online portals, we have the experience, knowledge and know how to get it done.

Systems that we have used: Skyslope,  Command,  TransactionDesk, Dotloop, PaperlessPipeline, BrokerSumo, WiseBroker, FormSimplicity to name a few. 

What is a Marketing Coordinator? 

Our marketing coordinators  help design and curate print and digital assets for all areas of your business. Learn more by calling our Client Success Team. 

What happens if a deal does not close?

We are committed to your success apart from the $100  non-refundable deposit that was collected at the time of order we will waive the balance of the package fee. 

Is there an on-boarding fee?

Depending on the program selected there may be a nominal fee to set-up your account. 

What is the Win Series?

Glad you asked, it is a 10 minute video series on YouTube that answers one simple question - how do we win together! 

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