Transaction Management Services


Stay on track.

Simplify communications.

Gain peace of mind.


Our services are designed to fit completely with the needs of each agent or brokerage we work with. We will manage and coordinate your residential, land, or commercial sale from the point of submission.


We want to be an extension of your business and an intricate part of your success. Whether you represent the Seller, Buyer, or both, your Transaction Coordinator always performs a rigorous quality control process. We know your time is valuable and we want you to be able to leverage your time where it is best spent... with customers.


 The TC Advantage


It is scary to think of letting go, but it is essential in order for you to grow your business. You will love the level of service we bring to the table.


A great deal of your time is spent researching and presenting homes for your customers and negotiating on their behalf. With the average real estate agent spending nearly 19 hours processing a contract to close instead of generating more deals. What many professionals have found is that investing those 19 hours towards the generating and conversion of another happy homeowner is a better use of their time. 


Our job is to eliminate the administrative work for you, so you can market your business effectively without worrying about the details. Our coordinators have decades of experience and will work on your behalf to make sure every transaction proceeds smoothly (FREC Unlicensed Assistant Bulletin)


We are a team of professionals who care about your success and know the more you are out in the field driving new business, the more files we will handle for you. 


Are you ready to Add a Transaction Coordinator to your business?


Michelle Martinez

Owner & Founder 

Michelle Martnez, Transaction Coordinatr, Florida TC, Georgia TC, North Carolina TC

Michelle Martinez is a savvy, twenty-first-century businesswoman who has been immersed in the Florida Real Estate industry since 1995. Michelle is hardwired for excellence with a genetic predisposition for passionate engagement: taking great pride in being an informational resource to her customers. Michelle has built her business based on long-term relationships, not individual transactions. With a vast knowledge base covering luxury real estate, mortgages, property taxes, valuation, and REO. Michelle is your source.   View Michelle's Resume